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“This is the second time we have used DNow Studies and we love the quality of the studies and the ease of use for our leaders! GREAT stuff!”

- Dr. Grant T. Byrd
Minister with Students
FBC McKinney
McKinney, TX

"DNow Studies has solid biblical content in a user friendly format, easily customizable… for those of us involved in daily ministry, helping us make the most of our limited time and resources."

- Bryan Hall
Student Pastor
Woodlawn Baptist Church
Austin, TX

"Loved the curriculum and the ease in distributing it to my leaders via email. Being able to get new leaders their stuff over the web was WONDERFUL… we will be using you guys again and again!"

- Janey Pitts
Student Pastor
New Work Fellowship
Hopkinsville, KY

"DNow Studies creates Biblically solid content for Disciple Now weekends that is transformational and easy to use. I love this stuff!"

- Maina Mwaura
Missions Pastor
First Baptist Lithia Springs
Lithia Springs, GA

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Community can be hard to find. As much as the things we like can pull us together, they tend to tear us apart just as frequently. As Christ-followers, we’ve been given something greater than our preferences to hold us together: Jesus. He gives us so much more than a rallying cry, he gives us a purpose for our unity.

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Outsiders Welcome. From the time we are little kids, we learn how to put things in boxes and we gravitate toward the boxes that we’re comfortable with. But what about the people who don’t fit into our boxes? It's easiest to avoid interacting with these people—making them feel like an outsider. Help your students understand that God’s family isn’t just for people who fit into our boxes, it’s for everyone.

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When we start following Christ, we're brand new...but we don't always feel that way. It takes time for our lives to sync up with our new identity. There are parts of us that still need to be renewed so we can follow Jesus' words in Mark 12:30 and love God with everything we've got—our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Help students start down this road with RENEW!

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John 3:16 is a verse many students have grown numb to. From Sunday school to bumper stickers, this verse makes a lot of appearances. And it has good reason to show up as much as it does. The entire story of the universe culminates in this verse, clearly laying out the mystery of God’s rescue plan. Loved. Broken. Redeemed. Called.

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In Micah, God’s people let him down. Attempting to make it up to Him, they tried sacrifices and rituals, completely missing the point. God didn’t want their sacrifices; he wanted their hearts. So Micah sent that message, bringing them back to the basics. Help your students navigate what it means to follow God with all their hearts.

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Project Serve

Most think that service is a good idea, something everyone should do more often. But serving doesn’t necessarily make one a servant. Becoming a servant is more than that; something that happens as we follow Christ and become more like him. Help your students move from serving occasionally to consistently, like Christ.

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We live in a world that craves authenticity. We expect it from everyone around us. But what about our own faith? Do we even know what an authentic faith looks like? Are we willing to do anything about it? It all starts with becoming a Christ-follower. Help your students see what a real faith looks like and how to live it out.

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In an exchange, something is given up so something else can be gained. The Gospel is about one powerful exchange when a flawless Savior took the flaws of humanity to the cross, exchanging His life for ours. Death for Life. Self for Christ. Help your students see the Gospel’s impact through the lens of these exchanges.

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The Pause

Generation multitask. It’s a fitting label for an overcommitted, over-entertained generation of teens. School, band, sports practice, and work all create a tremendous drain on their lives. Where is the time for cultivating their relationship with Christ? Help your students to “hit pause” to spend time growing their relationship with God.

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The concept of imitation alive and well all around us in culture today. And it’s alive and well in us, too. We are who we imitate. This can be a negative thing. But by imitating Jesus, we can discover an incredibly powerful and positive life. Help your students live the life of a God-imitator and understand what it looks like in the world they live in.

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  • ONLINE CONTENT DELIVERY: accessible through an easy-to-use, dynamic online delivery system
  • EASY TEACHER MANAGEMENT: assign teachers to a study, track activity, send messages, and more
  • TOOLS & TRAINING: robust training environment includes videos, articles, vital forms (release forms, sample schedules, etc.)
  • MEDIA & MORE: download your introduction & closing videos, background loops, PowerPoint images, forms and more

  • LARGE GROUP OUTLINES: choice of simple or detailed
  • LARGE GROUP MEDIA: videos, background loops, PowerPoint slides, and more
  • SMALL GROUP LESSONS: easy to teach & delivered online
  • INTERACTIVE STUDENT BOOK: practical component for small group sessions
  • DEVOTIONS: for before and/or after your DNow or retreat weekend
  • ALSO AVAILABLE: shirts & follow-up journals to complete your weekend & keep students growing beyond the event

  • STUDENT BOOKS: Biblically solid, highly interactive, creative & culturally relevant that tracks perfectly with your small group leader’s lesson plans
  • BONUS CONTENT: follow-up devotional journals including 4 weeks of content keeps students growing beyond the event


“DNow” stands for Disciple Now. In its simplest form, a Disciple Now weekend is a retreat for a youth ministry. While many do some form of a retreat for students, there are a few distinctions that provide a unique environment for your students to grow spiritually:

• Discipleship Oriented
• Host Homes & Small Groups
• Church/Community Focused
• Service Opportunities

You can do a DNow Weekend and we can help. It all starts by choosing one of the our available studies. Learn more by discovering How It Works.

How It Works

How It Works

DNow Studies is a simple but comprehensive solution for your Discipleship Now and Retreat weekend curriculum and resource needs.

DNow Studies provides you with amazing features to make your DNow Weekend a success—everything from online tools for communicating with you teachers, training resources, administrative tools and more!

We make life simpler for you by providing you with all the speaker outlines, graphics and videos, and presentation slides. This allows you to give more time to your students.

The DNow Studies Manager is a dynamic, intuitive platform that delivers Small Group lessons to leaders over the Internet. Gone are the days of putting together 3-ring binders or running all over town trying to track down your leaders!